Drift Designs was founded in 2008 by designer Kimberley Stafford. Kim has always loved making and wearing jewelry. Her passion for design and jewelry has maintained but since starting Drift Designs the style has evolved, materials have changed and techniques are always improving, hence the name: Drift Designs.

From Kimberley ~ In the early days I started designing jewelry with plastic and wood beads and sold my jewelry to classmates in high school who were into the raver scene, then I evolved and created jewelry with gemstones and wood, using earthy elements which I still use today. When I was 21 I took a break from university and set out to travel Europe. I was hired as an Au Pair with a family in Portugal by the ocean where I lived and worked. The mother also made jewelry with other natural elements like pearls, wood and stones and used techniques I hadn’t used before. During that time, I learned new ways to design and was inspired by her style as well as the beauty in nature that surrounded me.

My passion is jewelry and travelling. Ever since I lived in Portugal, I have worked and travelled in over 35 counties selling my jewelry to people I have met and to stores along the way as well as trading jewelry techniques with other designers. In all languages and counties Drift Designs was always adored. After moving back to Toronto in 2020 after most recently being a yacht stewardess, getting my divemaster in Thailand as well as volunteering for Sea Shepherd (2017-2020) – My travels inspired me and I have been making jewelry that are made from unique, high end materials and gemstones. I love sourcing beads and finding suppliers from around the world, as well as beads, charms or crystals with a story and creating designs to make my customers happy.

Drift Designs is inspired by nature, the ocean, mountains and spirituality and designed with intention. Find a piece that speaks to you.

Instagram: @driftdesigns
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