Connecting Dimensions, Magic, Higher Consciousness

Labradorite Discover the magic of your spirit and its eternal connection to the universe with Labradorite, the best stone for fighting off an existential crisis. Labradorite crystal reminds us to keep it magical by linking us to the spirit world, a dimension where anything is possible. Other stones keep us anchored to the earth with their powerful grounding effects while Labradorite encourages us to keep our head in the clouds.

Reach for the stars in your quest for a higher consciousness with Labradorite. It might seem like everyday realness down here on planet earth, but the Labradorite crystal meaning gives you a pathway that bridges the gap between the heavens and physical reality.

The Labradorite meaning is associated with shamanism, the ancient form of spirituality where healing is achieved in parallel planes of existence and different states of consciousness.