Harmony, Neutralizing, Clarity

Amazonite is known as the “hope” stone, this crystal is an excellent manifestation tool, especially when you incorporate its energy into daily meditation practice. Amazonite is a fantastic energy filter. This stone can be very beneficial to you, especially if you use the computer, tablet, cellphone, or microwave oven a lot. These things are filled with electromagnetic smog, and Amazonite can help cleanse your aura of this smog.

Amazonite will help you achieve clarity of mind. You may not realize it, but thinking about things too much all the time is not good for you! This stone will help clear your muddled thoughts and make you better understand yourself, what’s happening around you, and what your impact is to the people in your life and to the rest of the world.

Amazonite will also work on calming all your chakras. Not only that, it will help you balance your masculine and feminine energies so that you will be able to utilize them in the most positive way. This stone will make sure that your yin and yang energies are in harmony as well.

Amazonite manages to connect body and soul in such a way that it will provide you with a very relaxing tranquility. You can control the anxiety that some stressful situations can cause you. It absorbs all the electromagnetic radiation radiated by the electronic devices that surround us every day. Computers, mobiles, television … emit microwaves that are very harmful to health. Avoid this contamination by carrying an amazonite stone with you.

It will free you from all the negative energy around you. It has the ability to protect you from external energies that come to unbalance you. You will feel calm in your mind and much inner peace.

This is a great stone for anyone who is passionate about artistic pursuits. It can unleash the creative and imaginative side of you and help you in your projects and your artistic visions.

Amazonite is also a great stone to have if you want something to manifest in your life. This stone will encourage you to be bold and brave, to make your dreams come true, and to keep trying until they do!