You are in Bloom


Amethyst Stone Bracelet with agate beads and a lotus charm on a comfortable stretchy elastic string.

Amethyst Stones are 8mm wide

Agate Stones are 6mm wide

Lotus is 1cm wide – silver alloy

Sizes: 6.5″, 7″, 7.5″ – custom size

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Amethyst crystal meaning is powerful for a variety of intentions. This calming stone allows you to quiet your mind, which can aid in sleep, meditation, and generally moving through life from a higher state of being. No matter who you are or what your goals are in life, an Amethyst crystal can support you along your life’s journey.

Some of the most well-known uses to connect with the Amethyst crystal stone meaning are for spiritual practices, specifically deepening your connection to self and your ability to tap into your intuition. Besides facilitating your intuitive sense, the Amethyst crystal meaning also helps you work toward inner peace and allows you to rest and relax when you need to most – before bed, during a stressful situation, or before you begin a meditation.

Although not as well-known for protective abilities, Amethyst also works to protect your spirit by surrounding your energy field in a bubble of violet light. By raising your energetic vibration and keeping your spirit at ease, this stone can be a powerful addition to your energetic armor.

Lotus Meaning:

Buddhists see it as a beautiful metaphor for our life:  Mud represents the suffering and obstacles of life, and the lotus flower symbolizes our journey of overcoming these obstacles. You can interpret it as a progression from a state of vexation to the state of purity.

We will all face similar challenges in life: sadness, illness, loneliness, disappointment, failure and death.
Through these experiences we gain more wisdom, compassion, kindness and learn how to rise above the mud of the environment.

We should all strive to become better version of ourselves as we grow and overcome obstacles in life one by one – just like the lotus flowers opens each petal one by one.

Amethyst Stones are 8mm wide

Agate Stones are 6mm wide

Lotus is 1cm wide

Sizes: 6.5″, 7″, 7.5″ – custom size

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6.5", 7", 7.5", Custom


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